Sahha Mining Academy and Training

we are a practical training  centre that focuses strongly on mining artisans & operators employment

About Us

we  are a practical training centre  that focuses strongly on mining employment skillled training in the following areas ;

Diesel mechanics ,Fitting & Turning , Drill Rig ,Blasting ,TLB, Grader ,Boiler Making ,Welding, Scoop, Excavator ,Excavator,Electrical, Bulldozer, Mine Overseer,Shift Supervisor,Dump Truck, [all mining machines available]

We equip the students with the essential skills at a mining  practical training centre over a period of 2 weeks or more according to the course applied ,which means that the students will be competent to start work immediately after completing the training.

Our student will be an asset to the company  in the sense that  they already have the necessary basic training to be productive from day one.  

More Information

We are opening from Monday to Friday from 8:30AM to 4PM
Saturday from 9AM to 1PM

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